Vadim Tylik

CEO of RMAA Marketing Agency

Vadim Tylik is a Russian entrepreneur and Chief Ex­ecutive Officer of RMAA Group— Russian full-ser­vice marketing agency. For nearly 10 years under his leadership, the RMAA Group has helped global brands and adver­tising agencies (its clients) to build their market­ing & advertising programs in Russia and the CIS region.
Vadim Tylik is the head of research on the Russian market and the author of a number of White Papers that help foreign and local brands learn more about the peculiarities of doing business and promoting it in the markets of Russia and the CIS countries.

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e-mail: vadim@rmaa.agency


Founded in 2008 and based in Moscow, the RMAA marketing agency creates for its clients a detailed and extensive understanding on how to increase sales, improve their marketing techniques and grow businesses and brands in Russia and the CIS. Not only do we create plans, we implement them as well. Through consulting, technology, design, and communication, we give our clients an innovative competitive advantage. Our success is based on a unique, detailed and scientific approach in each of the industries we serve.

The RMAA Group is a union of specialized marketing teams for different industries such as travel, gaming, beauty, and several others, and each is headed by an experienced leader from that particular industry.

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